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Fit for projects like woodworking or making a new closet.

Or materials that need extra support when you are working with them, like extreme long materials.


Maximum stretched length is 300cm,

if you want to secure it on a smaller stand you can .

This is possible because of the 6 adjusters with wing nut,

easy to realize and get the hang of. You keep a stable workplace.



-  Stable

-  Compact

-  Unfolds till 300 cm.

-  Carrying Capacity 450 kg

-  Adjustable in Height

-  Ergonomic design 

- Multifunctional in use

 - Minimum Length 41 cm

 - Maximum Length 300 cm

 - Minimum Height 85 cm

 - Maximum Height +/- 130 cm

 - Width 86 cm

 - Wheelsize 100/125 mm

 - Own Weight 40 kg

 - Maximum Capacity 450 kg*

* On a flat and stable surface

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