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About us

We develop and improve riding and rolling in an innovative way. 

material,workshop product for the buisness market,handy and often custom-made. to start lets have a look at our Harmonica-Trestles . 

We deliver equipment for the logistics,warehouses, industry and

car-repair industry.​


You can find our products in industrial workplaces: magazines/order pickup centres, car-repair businesses on the premisis  and on location.

All products are completely made in Holland and are a dutch product 

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There are enough mobile workshop materials. 

However, it is almost always standardized. And big “Get-in-the-ways” at the moment that it isn't needed.

The Harmonica-Trestle can be folded and easily put in the corner, when it isn't needed. This ensures you of a tidy and clean workplace. So  you need a cart workplace or workbench on location that is easy to move?... then the Harmonica-Trestle is what you need: you just unfold it and move it where you want it to be. Projects that have to go from  A to B, can just be loaded onto the Harmonica-Trestle and after you did that you can move them to wherever you want.


No pallets or forklifts, you only need a little bit of manpower  depending on the material. Specific jobs that would require  two people can now just be done by one. that means cost reduction in staff  and workspace.  because the Harmonica-Trestle is  adjustable in height   everybody can work the height they need or want. That means a reduction of medical complaints.

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