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Just a little more robust than the ESP3000. Because of this it can be loaded more heavily. it also looks stronger than the ESP3000. 

This Harmonica-Trestle , is  less qualified for working on location because of its weight. If you have acces to a van with a tailgate the esp3500 will be your best choice. The ESP 3500 is still very compact. 

if you think “let me just carry this”, (which is not something we recommend with this model) then let us assure you that it will be too heavy.



 - Minimum Length 30 cm

 - Maximum Length 150 cm

 - Minimum Height  85 cm

 - Maximum Height +/- 124 cm

 - Width 86 cm

 - Wheelsize 100/125 mm*

 - Own Weight 37 kg

 - Maximum Capacity 500 kg**

** On a flat stable surface
* Pneumatic tires optional

-  Stable

-  Compact

-  onfold till 150 cm.

-  Carrying capacity 500 Kg

-  Adjustable in height 

-  Ergonomic responsable 

-  Multifunctional in use 

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