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The Harmonica-Trestle

Because of the hinged working and the separate height differences, our Harmonica-Trestles are a multifunctional and stable tool for your workplace .

The Trestles can be used as a trestle,workbench or a cart. And like every other tool it can be folded in, so it hardly takes up any space. 

 that means you can move it easily so that way you can set up your workbench everywhere when and where you want , at your office or on location. This causes flexibility  in the use of your space and allows you to maximize the space you have all together.


The Harmonica-trestle is available in 6 different versions.


Advantages of the Harmonica-Trestles

  • Multifunctional in multiple work branches

  • Very compact and easy to move 

  • Can carry up to 750K (strongest variant)

  • Multifunctional in length: from folded 24cm to unfolded 300cm (maximum),

  • Promotes the ergonomic way of working, less strain on the back and shoulders by working at the right height.

       for the specifications of each Trestle go to Product Info

Eurospares B.V. offers solutions for workplace problems, such as tables that you have to move every 5 seconds or workbenches that are in the way. The Harmonica-Trestle is THE solution

At present we have 6 different types, all with their unique specifications.

for specific questions about size or weight contact us.

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