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This is the Harmonica-Trestle for serious amounts of materials and weight.

It can hold and transport a conciderabel amount of weight, even if you pack it up to maximum capacity it remains stable. And thus easy for transport to the truck that is picking it up or dropping it off.

This is the only Harmonica-Trestles that can’t be used for every branch. This is the solution for the people who want a durable , heavy-weight  and lengthy material capable Harmonica-Trestle. 

Example: Project done, I don’t need my Harmonica-Trestle right now, just fold it in ,and put it in a corner.

When folded the Harmonica-Trestle hardly takes up any space.



-  Stable

-  Compact

-  Unfolds till 300 cm. 

-  Carrying Capacity 750 Kg

-  Adjustable in height 

-  Ergonomic responsable

-  Multifunctional in use

 - Minimum Length 49 cm

 - Maximum Length 300 cm

 - Minimum Height  85 cm

 - Maximum Height +/- 124 cm

 - Width 86 cm

 - Wheelsize  100/125 mm

 - Own weight 63 kg

 - Maximum Capacity 750 kg*

*On a flat and stable surface

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