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The edition which every branch or market can use. 

because of weight easy to  move to your location .

Very fast and easy to fold out.


Just like all the other Harmonica-Trestle you can use it as a transport cart or workbench.You can use the Harmonica-Trestle as a sawing table or for sanding, working and assembling of planks, doors , window frames , fences , hoods ,etcetera.. The Harmonica-Trestle can also be used to  just store something or just put it down for a few minutes.

The Harmonica-Trestle can be locked at every desired distance for example the maximum height is 130 you can just set it at 120  you don't have to go for the max.  The maximum is just the limit but every height in between will do fine. But this goes for every type of Harmonica-Trestle. The height adjustment is in steps of 5 so if you go back to 

the 130 max height then 125,120,115,110 and so on.

and just like the other ones this one is easy to put into the back of your car



-  Stable

-  Compact

-  Folds out to 150 cm.

-  Carrying capacity 250 kg

-  Adjustable in height 

-  Ergonomic design 

-  Multifunctional in use

 - Minimum Length 24 cm

 - Maximum Length 150 cm

 - Minimum Height 85 cm

 - Maximum Height +/- 130 cm

 - Width  86 cm

 - Wheelsize 100/125 mm*

 - Own Weight 24 kg

 - Maximum capacity 250 kg**

* *On a flat  and stable ground
* pneumatic tires optional

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